How We Work

Step 1

Identify your business requirements and objectives

Gain an understanding of your unique business requirements and objectives, ensuring that our market intelligence service is tailored to your needs. We collaborate with you to identify key areas of focus, enabling us to develop a suitable approach to address your business requirements.

  • Define objectives
  • Understand needs of respective business functions
  • Specify use cases
  • Determine success criteria
Step 2

Define the scope of intelligence

Working closely with your team, we determine the scope of intelligence needed to provide you with actionable insights. We assess the relevant domains, including market intelligence trends, competitor intelligence, target market and customer intelligence.

  • Information sources
  • Industry players and influencers (supply and demand)
  • Technology domains
  • Industry trends and drivers
Step 3

Integrate market intelligence into your business processes

We integrate our market intelligence service with your existing business processes and information systems. We facilitate the flow of information into departments and their respective business processes and rituals. Providing actionable insights to enhance your growth-related business functions.

  • Integrate intelligence with existing processes and systems
  • Enable information collaboration
  • Embed information and process tasks
  • Establish feedback and alignment rituals
Step 4

Intelligence sourcing, curation and enrichment

We monitor a wide range of sources. Through curation and enrichment processes, we transform unstructured market news, opinions and developments into actionable insights by analysing, synthesising, and interpreting the information.

  • Monitor diverse sources
  • Collect and curate relevant information
  • Enrich and contextualise information
  • Subject-matter-expert review
Step 5

Intelligence distribution to relevant channels and stakeholders

We configure bespoke feeds and output formats tailored to the specific needs of different stakeholders within your organisation. These output formats can include online portal updates, newsletters and emails, briefs and digests, data files and more.

  • Customise information, feeds and output formats
  • Deliver scheduled intelligence releases
  • Enable feedback processes and rituals
  • Support business interpretation and intelligence consideration
Step 6

Facilitate decision-making based on the actionable insights

We integrate the intelligence-driven insights into your growth-related business functions, and facilitate proactive decisions that capitalise on emerging opportunities, mitigate risks, and optimise your business performance.

  • Adjust go-to-market strategies
  • Develop targeted marketing campaigns
  • Review product and value proposition offerings
  • Initiate market engagement and business development actions
Step 7

Intelligence alignment with business strategy, business processes and use-cases

Collect and analyse feedback from stakeholders to identify alignment with evolving business goals, making strategic adjustments as needed. This iterative approach ensures that market intelligence remains relevant and valuable over time, supporting informed decision-making.

  • Market segmentation validation
  • Marketing strategy and messaging alignment
  • Go-to-market strategy alignment
  • Industry trend and regulation alignment

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