Marketing & Growth for Business-to-Business Organisations

We understand the pivotal role that intelligence plays in supporting the overall business strategy and in enhancing vital growth-related functions such as marketing, business development, product management, research, and strategic planning.

Our Services

Intelligence Gathering
and Market Profiling

Market monitoring, market intelligence, company profiling, and market profiling, empowering you with insights for informed decision-making and effective engagement with the market.

Intelligence Enrichment
and Integration

Effortlessly incorporating market insights into your business expansion processes and systems, empowering you to optimise these procedures and utilise intelligence for effective engagement with internal and external stakeholders.

Business Process Support

Intelligence-driven support for your business processes, enhancing your marketing, business development, strategy, product, and channel enablement procedures to align your business with market trends, stimulate growth, and accomplish strategic goals.

Why Choose Us

  • Streamlined Information Handling: Calleo simplifies the challenge of dealing with information overload by delivering curated, actionable insights, ensuring you don’t miss out on valuable opportunities.
  • Ongoing Market Updates: Our continuous monitoring and reporting services keep you in sync with market dynamics, empowering you to make accurate decisions and execute effective growth strategies.
  • Spotting Emerging Trends: Calleo’s expertise in trend detection and tracking ensures you stay ahead of market shifts, positioning your business for success in a rapidly changing landscape.
  • Efficient Resource Allocation: Calleo enhances communication and coordination among your teams, facilitating efficient resource allocation and maximising the impact of your investments.
  • Optimised Growth Processes: Calleo’s market intelligence services seamlessly integrate into your growth-related business processes, increasing the efficiency and effectiveness across your business functions.

Business Functions

Calleo specialises in curating and enriching information to provide high-quality intelligence services in the business-to-business market. We seamlessly integrate this intelligence into your business processes, offering valuable insights to drive growth and strategy. Our intelligence and business process support services are designed to empower various roles within your organisation.

Industries We Serve

Banking & Payments
Financial Services
Retail & Ecommerce
FMCG & Food & Beverage
Supply Chain & Logistics
Manufacturing &
Consulting &
Professional Services
Corporate Responsibility
& Sustainable Finance
Information Systems
& Digital Technology

Client References

Head of strategy for multi-national bank based in Africa

“The content is useful indeed, very informative, extremely insightful.   The market intelligence bulletin has been extremely valuable to the organisation.”

Marketing manager of financial technology infrastructure provider based in Africa

“Calleo had experience in the financial services market, and took the time to understand our organisation and the dynamics of the complex payments environment.”

Head of business development of technology integration platform company

“I was impressed by your thoroughness and professionalism. I have no doubt that the many discussions we had during this journey about strategic and tactical approaches to this process have, and will be in time, most beneficial to both organisations.”

CEO of business process and technology outsourcing company

“The ability to better understand our marketing landscape and prospective clients is huge and allows us to focus on real campaigns and leads.  The way they integrated with our team seamlessly has added tremendous value to our company as they prepared campaigns and representation to prospective clients and leads.”

Head of MEA marketing of business process and technology outsourcing company

“We had the opportunity to check your amazing work and we are happy with it. I deeply appreciate the work you are doing for us.”
Middle East

CEO of customer service solution technology provider

“Calleo is one of the few companies we have worked with that can have an intelligent conversation around our goals and challenges.”

Business Applications

Plan marketing messaging and campaign strategies.

Conduct product and competitor reviews.

Monitor industry regulations to align your go-to-market strategies.

Monitor interest and intent signals in the market.

Create outbound relationship and sales emails.

Assess market demand for product management decisions.

Track market dynamics to anticipate changes.

Track competitor activities for informed decision-making.

Identify target segments for focused marketing efforts.

Review market
opportunities for sales teams.

Monitor target clients and key accounts.

Provide insights for effective business development strategies.

Enhance Marketing and Sales CRM capabilities.

Generate content and manage social media.

Deliver partner newsletters or portals.

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