Tailored B2B information solutions. We collect and integrate vital intelligence, empowering your growth strategies and competitive edge. Accelerate your pathway to success.

Business Functions

Intelligence-led information and business process support services to empower growth-focused and market intelligence roles, including marketing, business development, product management, strategy, research and innovation, and go-to-market leadership.

Industries We Serve

We serve a diverse range of industries, including banking and payments, FMCG and food & beverage, consulting and professional services, financial services, manufacturing and distribution, corporate responsibility and sustainable finance, retail and e-commerce, supply chain and logistics, as well as information systems and digital technology.

Our Territory Focus

We serve companies that offer solutions to businesses in Africa, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, ANZ and other global regions. Our clients include multinational corporations, where we support their regional focus, as well as regional companies seeking international expansion.


Business Functions

Calleo specialises in curating and enriching information to provide high-quality intelligence services in the business-to-business market. We seamlessly integrate this intelligence into your business processes, offering valuable insights to drive growth and strategy. Our intelligence and business process support services are designed to empower various roles within your organisation.

Marketing and Growth

Leverage our market intelligence to refine targeting and messaging.

Identify emerging trends and market sentiments for targeted marketing campaigns.

Enhance lead generation with enriched data on key decision makers.

Fuel informed growth strategies with actionable insights.

Business Development

Access valuable insights on potential clients and their specific needs.

Streamline prospecting efforts with curated company profiles.

Monitor target client activity and intent signals.

Gain a competitive edge with comprehensive competitor intelligence.


Facilitate well-informed strategic decisions through the use of carefully curated information.

Identify growth opportunities and potential market drivers.

Understand competitor activity for a more adaptive business strategy.

Foster a culture of intelligence-driven decision-making.


Tailor product development roadmaps to meet market trends and demands.

Stay ahead of emerging trends and technologies with curated insights.

Incorporate industry intelligence and standards into product enhancements.

Stay updated on competitor product features to identify gaps and differentiate your offerings.

Chief Executive

Gain a holistic view of market dynamics to guide executive-level decision-making.

Foster a culture of intelligence-driven leadership.

Ensure strategic alignment with market trends and drivers throughout the organisation.

Ensure your teams are well-informed with reliable intelligence.

Market Research

Complement traditional market research with carefully curated market intelligence.

Reduce research time and costs with ready-to-use information.

Enhance the depth and accuracy of market research efforts.

Gain access to a continuous stream of market insights for ongoing analysis.

Industries We Serve

Banking and Payments

Financial Services

Retail and Ecommerce

FMCG and Food & Beverage

Manufacturing and Distribution

Supply Chain and Logistics

Consulting and Professional Services

Corporate Responsibility and Sustainable Finance

Information Systems and Digital Technology

our territory Focus

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Tailored B2B information solutions. We collect and integrate vital intelligence, empowering your growth strategies and competitive edge. Accelerate your pathway to success.