Report: Demystifying Embedded Finance for Banks and Processors


The traditional banking model is not dead yet. But in the meantime, the payment ecosystem is opening up, and new business models based on embedded finance are taking shape.

Celent, a leading industry research and advisory firm focused on technology for financial institutions, recently has conducted research to find out what embedded finance means for banks and processors and how they can find their place in it. OpenWay, a top-ranked digital banking and payments software provider, believes the resulting report is highly relevant for our partners and aims to make it available to a larger audience.

This report addresses key points on the topic of embedded finance:

  • What embedded finance is and what it is not

  • Five leading strategies for banks to engage with embedded finance

  • BaaS, marketplaces, open banking: new business models and how to enable them

  • Opportunities and potential risks of opening your services via third parties

  • Technology for embedded finance: how companies like OpenWay can help


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