NielsenIQ Report: Seeing the Big Picture of E-Commerce


The report was originally published on the NielsenIQ website here.

The rise of online is disrupting the course of the FMCG industry. This report shows the latest data on e-commerce landscape to help you identify the right strategy and drive deep rewards for your business.

Agility is key in keeping pace with dynamic changes in the business environment. In the FMCG retail industry, the disruptions brought about by the pandemic are causing deep transformations. Today, e-commerce has emerged as an indispensable retail channel, fulfilling the concept of “agility”. It is now a critical engine for business growth and is expected to grow in importance for years to come.

NielsenIQ E-Commerce Snapshot report presents a wide view of the e-commerce landscape to help brands and retailers strategize and thrive for success in this ever-changing retail environment. In this report, you can find answers to how e-commerce is evolving and expanding in regions and markets. You will also learn essential information about the attitudes and behaviors of online shoppers across the globe.

You can download the full report on ecommerce state here.

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