Global Network of Advanced Manufacturing Hubs: Annual Report 2021


This article was originally published on World Economic Forum website here

The Global Network of Advanced Manufacturing Hubs (AMHUBs) is a community of communities representing industry ecosystems from around the world that come together to address the most pressing issues facing manufacturing and value chains – from rapid technology transformation and supply chain disruptions triggered by the Fourth Industrial Revolution and the COVID-19 pandemic to a volatile geopolitical environment that requires companies to be able to rapidly realign operations.

This Annual Report provides highlights from the 13 Hubs representing diverse manufacturing ecosystems from around the world, as well as collaborations that are developing across the Hubs in the Network. As the world continues to face an onslaught of operational disruptions brought on by the pandemic, geopolitical volatility, climate change and emerging technologies, the Global Network of Advanced Manufacturing Hubs demonstrates how the manufacturing and supply chain community is simultaneously building new collaboration models that will allow for growth and innovation.

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