Fueling payments growth with new value propositions


By: Sulabh Agarwal,  Managing Director – Global Payments,  Margaret Weichert, Managing Director – Payments Lead, North America, Edlayne Burr, Managing Director – Payments Lead, Growth Markets

In brief

  • Payments is primed to grow thanks to innovation, changing consumer behavior, and a surge in payments fintech funding.
  • Many incumbent payments providers are struggling to capitalize on trends and innovations as rapidly as they’d like.
  • Our new research identifies how payments growth leaders are investing in new, compelling value propositions to outgrow the competition.
  • The future of payments will belong to those that can harness technology transformation, ecosystem participation and operating model renewal to drive new value propositions.


Payments is poised to expand. It is also a hotbed of disruption and innovation. This is no coincidence.

Our Growth in Payments report highlights three disruptive forces that are driving change and creating opportunities for growth: the launch of central bank digital currencies (CBDCs), changing customer behaviors and expectations (largely due to the pandemic) and the adoption of new, emerging digital technologies like artificial intelligence and cloud computing.

In some segments of the market, like international transfers and small merchant acquiring, the payments disruptors have already capitalized on these trends to build large businesses by driving fees down, squeezing banks’ margins and building scale.

Payments trends like the ongoing displacement of cash, new payments options like request to pay, digital currencies and buy now, pay later services (BNPL) are all creating exciting opportunities for those able to seize them. For the most part, these are payments fintechs and digital native disruptors.

However, a select few incumbent banking institutions and payments processors—we call them Payments Growth Leaders—have thrived amidst this disruption and outgrown the market over the last three years.


The future of payments is bright. Some industry players will shine brighter than others.

Our report shows that Payments Growth Leaders are setting themselves apart by investing in compelling new value propositions that focus on innovative payment methods to anticipate customers’ emerging needs and expectations.

Accenture Growth in payments top growth strategies

Three ways to reach new heights in the future of payments

Our research and conversations with Payments Growth Leaders suggest that tomorrow’s front-runners will harness three key enablers to drive new value propositions that will help them reach new heights:

  1. Using the efficiencies of technology transformation to build the agility that makes continuous payments innovation possible. The cloud, big data and API platforms will all play key roles in this transformation.
  2. Renewing operating models to shift their primary focus from operations and onto putting product and customer needs first.
  3. Keeping ahead of customers’ expectations through ecosystem partnerships that allow them to choose where and how they want to reach customers. This can include banking-as-a-service or payments-as-a-service through white-label partnerships with third-parties like super-apps.


You can find more detail in our full report on what future payments leaders are doing today.



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