Egypt FinTech Landscape Report - Alliance for Financial Inclusion


This article was originally published on the Alliance for Financial Inclusion’s website here.

Egypt has witnessed unprecedented growth in FinTech industry over the last few years. As such, investments have soared by more than 300% during only the last 12 months, indicating the development & expansion of mature and scaled FinTech & FinTech-enabled startups.

The report provides a comprehensive overview of Egypt’s growth in FinTech industry and acts as an initial step to provide insights about Egypt’s FinTech & FinTech-enabled startups in terms of; demographics, investments, talents and skills, business models, startups growth, gender diversity, regulations and hence; identify potential areas for support, collaboration, and partnership among FinTech ecosystem stakeholders. It also sheds light on CBE’s efforts since the establishment of its FinTech & Innovation strategy.

Read full report here

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